Multiple Teams · Bellevue Bronco Football First Year Playing 8-Man Football

This is the first year the Bellevue Broncos will be playing 8-Man Football. Bellevue decided to move to 8-Man football due to the rest of our league moving to 8-man football. This will allow us to keep playing our regular league opponents and schools our size.

This has been a state trend that the smaller schools have been moving to 8-Man football. Their has been so many schools changing to 8-man football that the MHSAA added another division to 8-Man.

Differences between 11-Man and 8-Man Football

Besides the obvious difference being the amount of players on the field,  here is a glace at some of them.

The field is narrower in 8-Man football.

Total of 5 offensive player need to be on the line of scrimmage at the time of the snap of the ball. The three interior lineman are not eligible to touch the ball.

For more info about the differences in the rules go click here 8 Man Football Rule Differences

8-Man Football Playoff Rules

Here are the  8-Man football playoff rules at a glace:

Their are two 16 team divisions in 8-Man football playoffs.

32 teams out of 61 are selected by using the MHSAA point system (not team record) and placed in order by school size. The largest 16 teams will be in Division 1 and the 16 smallest will be in Division 2.

State finals are in Marquette.

Click here for a copy of the 8-Man football playoff rules. 8-Man playoff rules