Broncos News · New Calendar and Schedule Information

Game schedule:

The game schedule on this web site is the only official game schedule calendar for all of Bellevue sports. These are posted on the face book page. We don’t take responsibility for any scheduling errors on any other postings.

Practice and Event Schedules

Practice and games schedules are posted on the website under each sport. The practice schedule is posted under the “More” tab under each sport. A master practice and event calendar are on the home page under “MORE” then “Activities” then “All sports & building usage calendar”.

Coaches are required to put their practice and other events (i.e. Picture day, fundraisers, etc.) on the practice schedule. If they cancel, change the times, or location of the practice/event they will send out a VNN Alert to notify athletes, parents and fans. See below on how to sign up for VNN Alerts.

Cancelled Games, Practices, and Events:

There are two ways to be notified of cancelled games and practices.

First sign up for VNN Alerts. This lets you get notifications for the practices and games of the sports that you are concerned with. After you sign up you will receive notices by either text message or email for only the sports you signed up for. Click Here to sign up

Second, on Facebook if you tag “Going” to an event (game) and it is cancelled you will get a notification by Facebook that the game was cancelled. We don’t post practice schedules on Facebook.

If you need help or are not receiving messages please contact the athletic dept. at 269-763-9413.