Multiple Teams · Momma Knows Best: Coaching Staff as Seen Through Their Mother’s Eyes

Coaching is one of the most demanding and rewarding jobs out there.  We pour our hearts, time and energy into coaching which can lead to both frustration and elation.  Every once and a while, we are reminded that once we too were the impressionable, invincible and puzzled student-athlete; so much to learn and the world at our fingertips.  As nostalgia begins to take over, who better to narrate our lives than our biggest fans and supporters… our mothers.

In this article, you will be given a glimpse of our coaching staff through their mothers’ eyes.  The ones who made dirt and worms for your birthday, made sure your jersey was clean, drove you all over God’s green earth, the ones who overflow with pride for their sons and daughters who will forever be their babies…

Marsha & Josh Pompey

What made us especially proud of Joshua and what made him that special athlete, is what he lacked in physical size he more than made up through his dedication, determination, tenacity and his natural sports “sense”.  He was a leader and respected his fellow athletes, and always displayed a great work ethic. We were proud of this dedication not only in the sports he participated in, but also in his academics.  We couldn’t be prouder that he is giving back to the program and the Bellevue Community.  He was fortunate to have had some great coaches growing up who influenced his life in many ways. Anyone who has ever coached realizes the commitment involved … both in time and emotional. So, to see him want to make that commitment and strive to make a positive impact to others makes us very proud.  Our coaching advice would be … coach with a Positive Mental Attitude. Be a role model for your athletes that helps them be a leader and a better person both on and off the court.


Julie & Sydney Pugh

I am very proud, Sydney always tries hard at everything she strives for and has one of the most amazing attitudes towards life and her teammates. I would love to see her do something she loves and Sydney is a natural at coaching. Sydney is also amazing at playing defense I think she could coach a team in many ways to be winners.  My advice would be to keep the team positive and motivated. Team means to me to help them find what there individually good at and make each one of them the best at whatever that is and bring it all together as team. Determination is a key too.


Katrina & Rusty Sparks

Rusty’s dad and I were beyond proud of Rusty, both as an athlete and a student of BHS. He had a personality that drew people to him. I would say what set him apart as an athlete, was his dedication to his team and his coach, and his ability to motivate his team!  It is rewarding for us as parents to watch him coach in the community that he grew up in. His dad and I credit all the coaches and teachers that invested their time and made an impact in his life as a student and athlete.  The only advise I could give Rusty would be lead by example and put your whole heart into coaching.  Just as men and women have crossed a path in your life, you are now crossing paths with these young people and I have to believe there is a reason!


Kim & Bailey Whitcomb

I am proud of Bailey because no matter what circumstance she was in she never gave up, her heart is pure and most importantly she kept her faith as her anchor in all that she had to balance in life on and off the court!  As for giving back to our program it’s not about donating her time, it’s about making a difference in that one athlete and challenge them.  If you watched Bailey play ball, she was also very good at coaching from the bench, so I always knew at some time she’d make her way back.  Mama’s advice- have fun, make difference, and last let the light in her shine in others!


Evelyn & Jason Whitcomb

During Jason’s grade school and middle school days we were so impressed with his sports enthusiasm. Being he was one of the shortest boys in his class, he always had to work harder to prove he could keep up with the others.  Jason got to prove to his coach and opponents that his height didn’t matter…. he had the ability to play with the best of them. We are proud of how he still has the school and community spirit to want to help coach the youth of Bellevue and encourage his own daughters to always give their best. As a coach, we would like him to remember the struggles he went through as a high school athlete, and to help each player reach their goals.


Cheryl & Kayla Whitmyer

Kayla being an amazing athlete was no real surprise.  She had every tool to be a successful athlete but what surprised me most was how she LOVED it.  Kayla can take the hardest tasks and make them fun.  “If you love what you do…….you will never work a day in your life!”  Blessed are all the ones connected to her giving back through coaching.  I could search the world over and not find a better coach or person for these girls, boys and parents.  It doesn’t begin on the court with her and it doesn’t end there either.  It’s not just players, but it’s videographers, managers, announcers, custodians, fans, and even those who chose not to play.  It’s the camps, clinics, caroling, eating, cheering, long talks, tutoring and much more. Sometimes I wonder where I would be if I had had a coach like my daughter…?  My advice would be to let the love you have for this life of coaching never fade, always looking back on the lives that have been touched.


Lourie & Casie Shannon

In my eyes, Casie was like a superhero as an athlete.  My heart would just pound watching her in all the sports she played, especially basketball. That kid would drive the ball every game like it was her last!  Casie gave her all every game.  She never just played for herself, it was about the team.  I would walk the halls at half time during her home games and the other parents would come up and tell me how much they loved to watch her play. It makes me even more proud to be her mother because she was making a positive impact on others.  I love Casie’s commitment, dedication and drive for basketball.  Casie really doesn’t know how special she truly is and how people were just in awe about her playing skills.  Casie puts her heart into everything she does and on the court it really showed.

Casie giving back to this program by coaching makes me very happy and excited to watch her teach these girls to become great student athletes.  I know Casie will teach them to play with their heart, to not only be a team but a family just like she was taught by her coaches.  Casie was blessed with amazing coaches that believed in her and gave her so much confidence.  It is only right that Casie would want to give back.  Case loves this sport and this school.  You teach what you are taught, and she was taught right!  Go Broncos!  My advice is to have patience. Winning is a goal, but it is not everything.  Teach them the family way and remember these girls look up to you as their coach.  Have fun and COACH with your heart.