Bellevue Community Schools is home to some of the best facilities in the state!  This is thanks to the efforts of many.  Check out what Bellevue has to offer…

We currently have 3 full size gyms, one elementary size gym, 6 baseball/softball fields, soccer field, football field, and a our track. 

The high school complex holds the Broncos Football, track, varsity baseball diamond, the competition and auxiliary gym. (click here for directions).


Waldo E. Frankenstein Stadium is home to Bronco Football and Track & Field. 

Waldo E. Frankenstein Stadium

Our indoor sports are housed in one of our two main gymnasiums on campus.  The Competition Gymnasium holds our high school sports, while the Auxiliary Gymnasium holds our junior high sports.  Entrance to high school games is through our beautiful Bronco Arch.  Junior High event entrance is through the double doors on the east end of the building.


Bronco Archway
Competition Gym Entrance
Competition Gym








The Bronco Baseball Field is located on the backside, or north, of the school.  Parking is behind the school, by following the drive on the westside of the main office.  Another beautiful facility built with Bronco love.

Varsity Baseball Diamond


Northeast of Bellevue Elementary you will find our soccer field and softball/baseball complex.  This is home to our varsity softball field, as well as four additional diamonds! It is best to enter the complex from the West St. Entrance at 312 West Street Bellevue, Michigan. Click Here  for directions




Soccer Field
Soccer Field